Dear Mr. Kahan,

I was a patient at this facility who was discharged to return home in early February of this year following my discharge from Beth Israel-Brooklyn. I didn't wish to see too much time elapse before I wrote to you commending certain members of your staff for the highest degree of professionalism shown to me during my prolonged stay at Sheepshead: Nursing staff: Jennifer, Sheeba and Mr. McKay; Physical Therapy staff: Edward, Gus and Jose; Occupational Therapy staff: Deborah and Mark; Administrative (Social Work): Monna. 

Very sincerely yours, 
Arnold A.

To the Administration office of Sheepshead Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,

I want to say that Tessa Dorival is an outstanding worker. She has helped us in every which way possible. She has made my husbands stay here at Sheepshead Nursing home tolerable. She has helped us in almost every situation. She is very professional, understanding, and most of all caring. She is a great asset to you and I just wanted you to know it.

Sincerely, MB
Room 107B A. S. B.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I would like to bring to your attention the exceptional and compassionate care my husband A.H. received at your facility.

I want to make you aware that everyone from housekeeping, maintenance, every aide, Tony, his physical therapist, Eugene- his occupational therapist, Dania – his social worker, Dr. Murray Jonas, were more than willing to assist the both of us in every way possible.

Last but not least “The Ladies of the Second Floor” – Nadine Connor, June, Miss Lee, Shershonnah. We will forever be greatful to them for their thoughtfulness and compassion.

Sincerely yours,

I am writing this letter to you, Mr. J. Kahan to say how much I am grateful and my appreciation for everything and everyone who  was good to me. I would like to thank them for what they did for me from the time I arrived to begin my treatment for rehabilitation after having had a total hip replacement.

I trust with full confidence in Sheepshead Nursing that all was going to go well and it did. So now I would like to thank all the people who took great care of me during my stay. I needed help after surgery and they gave me help to know that the person he or she was just doing their job.

I would like to go a step more and say God Bless Them. The names are Elizabeth, Ms. Raid, Latti, Thanya, Kim, Blake, Moina, Natoya  Boucort, Julie Santiago, Tessa Dorival, Marie Celestin, Lolula Reyes, Mabel Crawfore, Nore, Roberto Toral- HSK Jennifer, Angela Hamith, Kevin Menelas, Antonela Mombeseur.

Each of them did something for me, no matter how small or long. I am grateful for what they did. Mr. J. Kahan was excellent.

These are the names of the people who helped me do physical therapy and to get back somewhat: John Traveiso, Shirak Hlein, Dirk Arcame, and Keith Landau, having shown me what it was I needed to do exercises.

All of them did a great job and from what my eye could see, while being there all the workers I would say did their job. The social worker and the cleaning people who clean no matter what and the men I shared a room with. I got along with other patients. I can say that my stay was received very well.

Thank you Mr. J. Kahan, the staff and everyone who helped me while staying at the Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Thank you all.

God Bless.

Mr. Kahan,

My mom, PL was cared for and loved by so many wonderful people at Sheepshead. You were always helpful and caring whenever I had questions or concerns and I appreciate all you did for my mom.

Thank you very much.
The flower arrangement from you was so beautiful.

JL and Family


I wanted to thank you so very much for all your help during the whole time I was here and making me feel so very well care for.

To know that I could count on you during this stressful time really helped me feel I could take on whatever I needed to do to help me recuperate. But your kindnesses and friendship were what I treasured most. You make your patients feel like they’re your family because your warmth and caring come through all you do.

You’re a very special person and I’m so lucky to have met you and shared in all your caring heart has to offer.

Thanks again,

To Whom Ever is the Supervisor of Kimberly Black,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for Kimberly’s help exactly at a time of stress, heartache and exhaustion at this time in my life.

While visiting my mother in law, GC, I had taken my sweat shirt off. Not realizing I accidentally lost one of my earrings. It had sentimental value to me.

Kimberly was genuinely compassionate. She personally went to look for it, which she did and she was off next day, so she put it in an envelope and left it with her supervisor.

She is a person of which your company should be extremely proud of. Her courtesy, professionalism and genuine empathy towards others are a beautiful quality people are drawn to when entrusting their loved ones to. So thank you again for having her on your team. Please let Kimberly know how grateful I am. Let her know she did something for another person that will always be remembered.


Dear Sheba and Marco,

I have not had the chance to tell you in person, but I want to give you both my deepest and fond thanks for caring for Dad as wonderfully as you did. It means so much to Mom and me.

You always kept a loving eye, maintained a great sense of humor, and met his needs with sensitivity and concern which is not always easy.

Again, our thanks for all.

(Daughter of Big Cheese)

Dear Mr. Kahan,

My mother AW. was a patient on the third floor at Sheepshead. As a family, we are so grateful for the excellent care and continued concern exhibited by your staff. Her therapists, Arnold and Mark are phenominal. My father, J. W. was also in their care a few years ago, and we credit them for bringing him back from serious debilitation after an illness.

Just last night, my mother told me a very good day had started because Angela was taking care of her in the morning. Angela Smith and Jennifer on the third floor are not just kind, but highly competent, as are the vast majority of your staff. And whatever they may lack in any area, my mother always comments on the pleasant demeanor of others.

I do hope all of thse individuals are well compensated for their labors on my mother's behald. Be assured they will always have my deepest repect and gratitude.

E. W. F.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the care my father's long-term girlfriend, C. P., received at your facility while recovering from a recent stroke.

As an LMSW, I felt compelled to express in writing the particularly excellent care she received throughout her stay from the social service workers. C. had never been hospitalized before her stroke occurred and therefore had a very hard time adjusting to being unable to care for herself independently as she always has. Both of C's social workers, Nona and Monica, spent a great deal of time, while demonstrating empathy in dealing with her struggles.

I had the pleasure of having a family meeting with C., my father and Monica K. Ms. K was impressive in her professionalism, knowledge and patience in responding to all of C's questions and concerns regarding her rehab plan all the way to her discharge planning and needs. Ms. K and Nona were either readily available or efficiently returned calls and were diligent in assisting Catherine. Furthermore, Ms. K. followed up with C. after her discharge to be certain that she had received all she needed and was safely making the transition back home. The social service workers are truly impresive under demanding circumstances and I believe an asset to SNRC.

With Gratitude,
C. M.

To Whom it May Concern,

I was a resident at Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center this past spring. Throughout most of my stay, I was extremely ill and at times quite disoriented, confused, and upset. Fortunately, there were a few very special people who truly helped me throughout my convalescence and I am extremely grateful to each and every one of them.

Sheron D. is one of those special individuals who went above and beyond the call of duty. Sheron provided me with a great deal of support and encouragement during my recovery. I found her to be a professional in every sense of the word. She continually treated me with compassion, dignity and respect, and she was extremely kind, considerate and caring regardless of my mood or state of mind. Sheron assisted me throughout my stay, and I recall her helping me with eating, drinking, and grooming. Sheron would also make the bed and help me arrange items on my table. There were a number of instances when I was disoriented and distressed, and I remember Sheron trying to ease my discomfort and help make me as comfortable as possible. Some family members and friends have also reminded me of Sheron's sincere concern and outstanding care because they were either in the room or entering the room at various times when Sheron was helping me.

Sheron D. is truly an incredible human being, and a wonderful CNA.

A. F.

To Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center,

My name is S. B. I became a patient earlier this year for Rehab, due to total knee replacement.

The following aides who took care of me were Julie S., and Pamela B. They were very conscientious an attentive to my needs. The care I received was superb and outstanding from the aides. I would also like to mention the excellent care I received from the other aides on my floor - Barbara, Mona, Sabina, Afiya, Marie, Sheron, and Tesheca.

Thank you!
S. B.

To the staff at the Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center,

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience in caring for our mother and wife, C. B., over the past few years. Your work and caring allowed her to experience a quality of life that we were unable to give her at home. We will forever be grateful for all of your help.

The B. Family.

To Mr. Kahan,

This is to inform you that the physical therapy staff and occupational therapy staff were exceptional in their jobs. And I would recommend a commendation for Edmund G. who was my physical therapist. He did an excellent job now, and also six months ago.


Dear Mr. Kahan,

I would like to thank your employee Margaret and the entire PT crew for doing a great job with my father. Two months ago, when he arrived to the hospital he could barely move and since then he has made remarkable progress. A big part of this is due to Margaret's skills (professional and personal) to help my father get better every day.

I would also like to thank Asha P. for applying tremendous efforts for my father. Dealing with different parties to bring the necessary service to my father is a difficult task. Asha is making sure to update us with all the important details and help us to understand all the facts which assists us in making the right decisions. All her work was done in a very professional manner, and she shows sensitivity when dealing with elderly people like my father.

I would like to thank you personally for all your team on the 3rd floor especially the assistant nurse who worked with my father and always applied her best efforts to make him feel better.

Kind Regards
A. G.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I am writing you to commend the actions of Ms. Pamela B., who administered to me while I was a patient at your facility. Ms. B. was so very helpful to me, showing kindness, compassion, and a great understanding of the pain I was experiencing due to my surgery. It is my feeling that she more than gave of herself to ensure that I was comfortable, had all my needs met, and never once did she not respond to my requests for assistance.

She is an outstanding employee for your organization. She is a rare individual, who gave the same work ethic to all she was responsible for in the SNRC. I also had two other individuals who made my stay at SNRC easier. One is Mona, who ably assisted me each day, and taught me how to maneuver through the day. In the late evening, Carmen quietly made sure she would be there to assist with my needs.

Please inform them that I am doing very well, and will always remember their kind actions.

K. B.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I want to commend you on the overall wonderful care my mother has gotten throughout her stay. In particular, I would like to mention Margaret in the physical therapy department, Tiana in occupational therapy, and her social worker, Asha P. These three had gone above and beyond all expectations and worked overtime to help in her recovery. Your staff is to be commended and your leadership must have a significant part in all that goes on.

Thank you for all the progress and recovery that my mother has made.

R. R.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I have been a resident at SNRC for therapy. I specifically asked to be placed on the 3rd Floor and requested Edmond in PT and Maria in OT. The nursing staff on the 3rd Floor are dedicated professionals and administer to all the residents' needs in a timely manner with the utmost patience and kindness.

I would not hesitate to recommend SNRC to friends and family members I have already done so in the past. Thank you for all your help with my recovery.

C. L.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

A miracle happened for me today, thanks to your angel, Margaret (PT).

I walked independently this morning after being confined to a wheelchair for the past 5 years. I thought I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but today I walked without a wheelchair, walker or cane.

I really believe that if I stay in your nursing home any longer I could possibly fly. I am also grateful to Alla (OT) who is another one of your healing angels

God Bless you and your entire staff who made this experience miraculous!

P. G.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

This letter is long overdue to compliment Ms. Asha P. Asha is the Social Worker that had my mom's case, P. L. twice! She oversaw my mother.

Asha is a wonderful, caring person who is passionate about what she does and handles her patients and the family members with utmost care and concern. Asha is a rare commodity - she knows her job well and does what's in the best interest of the patient.

Asha always had time to talk with me about any concerns or questions I had regarding my mother's care. She returned calls promptly and kept me up to date on my mother's development. I felt like she "knew" us - we were more than just another "patient" and family. I don't know how she found the time but she was always accessible!

Asha worked with me when it was time to get my mother released and made sure that everything was set up for my mom to go home. She worked hard to be sure it would be a smooth transition for a woman her age. She handled the aide, the PT - everything. Asha's concern didn't stop there. When my mom was home she called me to be sure everything was going according to plan and see how Mom was feeling - Wow!

There aren't enough words to describe what a rare "gem" Ms. P. is. She is an asset to your organization and I truly want to "thank you" for having her at Sheepshead. I hope you will share this compliment with Asha and let her know how important she is.

All my best,
J. L.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you and your staff at a time of great uncertainty.

My partner S.N. was recommended to your facility while being treated at he hospital by Dr. J. He was ready to be discharged and time was a valuable commodity. Dr. J. suggested I speak with Marie Gardella, Director of Admissions. I immediately phoned her. She was very gracious, took my call and invited me to take a tour of the facility that day. After speaking with Marie I knew this was the right place.

Marina greeted me and gave me a tour of the facility. She was charming and had a vast knowledge of the specific medical and physical accommodations that were available. While I took the tour I noticed something very strange; everybody was smiling, exchanging pleasantries, and the overall atmosphere was incredibly upbeat. Having left the hospital environment, I was predisposed to expect a more institutional setting. I could not have been more mistaken. From the moment S. arrived he was greeted by a number of staff members; each present to do his or her job. Every moment was filled getting the specifics of the case, examining the injury, checking his medications, showering, and shaving, i.e. doing a complete and thorough evaluation. The goal was to make him comfortable.

Many weeks went by and being a daily visitor I was able to make many observations regarding the flow and interconnection of the various departments.

The Nursing Station: Aside from the residents' individual physical and medical needs, paramount was the ability to make the residents feel at home. That was accomplished by the untiring work of all the aides, nurses and doctors. No "Hello how are you today?" was hollow. The interaction was sincere, compassionate and real. There are so many people to acknowledge. The names bear mentioning. There is Tessa, Malou, Lottie (Meg), Annette, Barbara, Brenda, Maria Edna, Mona, Lawrence, Sagiy, Ms. Boston, Ms. Reed, Georgia, Ms. King, ms. Green, Bernadette, Marco, Dr. Sacolick, and countless others who took a moment out of their day to make our day more meaningful.

Social Services: Social Service's role is to manage the case and provide the services in an ecosystem which involves being a conduit and advocate between the patient, the nurses, aides and the insurance companies. Tough job! Beyond the daily in house work, the Social Worker provides the arrangements for the aftercare once a resident leaves the facility.

During S's stay he had a number of doctor's visits. All the arrangements were made seamlessly by our social worker Asha. What I found incredibly comforting was the support I received as a family member who needed to better understand how to care for my loved one. The physical barriers are daunting but the emotional hurdles are just as important. I was very fortunate to have found that support at Sheepshead.

Physical and Occupational Therapy: Where do I begin? One of the most important factors to be considered was the need for a wheelchair which had to be specifically configured for S. Since most of his day was spent sitting, it was vital that it be comfortable. There were a couple of instances when adjustments had to be made. Both Keith and Semyon made this happen immediately. When S. was admitted he had great difficulty walking. His diagnosis seemed textbook but of course dealing with a human being presents a number of challenges for the Physical Therapist as well as the Occupational Therapist.

I had the opportunity to sit on S's sessions from time to time. I was amazed at the level of skill the therapists have. Not only do they have to employ their therapeutic skills but the emotional aspect must be challenging as well. S's Physical Therapist is Arnold. His Occupational Therapist is Agnes. The worked so hard to get S. up and out. There were days where they came down to the room to escort him to therapy. Francis, Ms. Joseph, and MaryLou were also key in getting S. motivated and energized.

In closing, please know how grateful we are to have benefited by this wonderful place. For some of us it becomes a second home for many months. You make friends. You laugh. You cry. You have great days. You have some bad days. What it all comes down to is the process of caring and loving what you do. It is evident at Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation Center that you do this so very well.

Yours Very Truly,
J. D.

Dear Mr. Kahan,

Early last year, my mother, M. D. arrived to your facility. Soon after that I wrote you to tell you how impressed I was with the quality of her care.

The first people I got to know were Nurse K. and Maureen O. My early impression was they are both special people. They have compassion and caring hearts for all the residents they care for, including my mother. Quality people like this are hard to find. The residents they care for, my mother, and your facility are blessed to have them.

Of course as time went on I got to know all the nurses and staff of the floor. I just want to tell you the 4th floor staff is just fantastic. The residents are people in need of a lot of care and the staff and nurses supply that care. The care is provided with kind words, a smile, and a gentle touch. I take my father to visit a lot; he's 86 years old. Every time he arrives, the staff makes him feel good with a nice hello and a friendly smile also.

My mother is very sick of course, however, for her condition has improved greatly with the care she has received. She's comfortable and clean at all times. The care makes a difference for sure.

People are often quick to complain and slow to praise. I just want to tell you how good your floor staff is. They are a very nice group of people who do a gret job. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. On behalf of my mother and father I want to thank the entire staff for all the good work.

J. D.

To Mr. Kahan,

I came here following a car accident. This nursing home was wonderful to me; they helped me get better. And also the whole staff is very good at this nursing home. If any person was hurt, I would tell them to be at this nursing home. They are kind and very helpful to everyone. To all the staff at Rehab, they are the best, and also helped me to walk again.

Very Truly Yours,

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I would at this time like to express to you my most profound gratitude for the treatment I received while undergoing care at Sheepshead... if you are not aware please allow me to inform you that you have "Angels in Action" located at 2480 Knapp Street in Brooklyn and I have been touched by all of them.

I am almost rendered speechless when I have to describe Ms. Georgia Reeves. My heart fills with love for this wonderful woman who cared for me as only my own mother would. She missed lunch breaks to give me daily showers when it was a very laborious task when I was in the cast. She never complained nor carried out her duties with malice.

Having been an Office Manager in the past I know how rewarding it feels to hear good news about your employees and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and caring woman Ms. Reeves is. I am sure that it will not come as a surprise as I have heard so many other people compliment her -- a shining example of what a dedicated employee should be.

I would also like to inform you of a most wonderful CNA who works on the third floor who was assigned to me as I recuperated -- Ms. Bernadette King. Not only is Ms. King a very professional lady, she is also a very conscientious one... This woman is a model example of what a CNA and a human being should be... Ms. King is a true merit to her occupation.

My Deepest Gratitude to: (these are excerpts from a much longer list)
  • To Ms. Barbara who was not assigned to me but always came by to check on me and to show me her matching socks and accessories! Love it and you!
  • To my night nurses who were so sweet and patient when I was in the cast.
  • To EVERYONE in Therapy for all of your kind words encouragement. PT is a place of Light & Healing. The vibration up there is unlike anywhere else because of the Masters of Healing who work there.
  • Arnold for late afternoons of hard work and care. I will always remember how happy we all were each time I returned from the doctor with good news.

D. C. P.

Dear Mr. Kahan

I am writing to you to let you know how pleased and satisfied I am with your rehabilitation establishment. I was a client at SNRC this year. After some time at another nursing home, I had to be hospitalized for three days. I was determined not to go back there and God blessed me when I transferred to SNRC.

From the moment I arrived at SNRC, I was amazed at the way I was treated by your attentive and wonderful staff. From Dr. B, the nursing staff, the health aides, the P.T. and O.T. specialists to the recreational personnel, I felt a determined sense of commitment from them to help me got "on my feet" again. Jennifer Meier met with me and allayed the fears I had about being a client there. Her professionalism, guidance, encouragement and dedication to myself (and others) were a major part of my recovery.

There were so many others on staff that contributed to my recovery. I, in particular, want to mention Roland P.T. and Tianna-- my therapists. Jennifer, the first floor nurse, was very dedicated and professional and her positive attitude, happy disposition and concern will not be forgotten.

Speaking of positive and dedicated attitudes, I have to mention Karen Schaham and her staff of wonderful Mona Lisa and Peggy. The recreational activities were phenomenal. From the concerts, games and reiki, yoga and everything in between, I felt like I was on a cruise ship -- a "rehabilitation curse" ship, of course. :-)

The physical surroundings were unexpected from whence I came. The absolute cleanliness, the "bedroom" motifs and the outside patio are top-rated with me. I have to tell you, while I went on an outdoor break, I noticed that two of the cobblestones on the ramp were loose and tilted. I told nurse Jennifer about that and my concern that someone's wheelchair might tip over because of that condition. Within 24 hours (less) it was repaired. Amazing! Kudos to your maintenance staff.

I realized that I left out so many staffers (I can't remember everyone's name) but I have to mention Ms. Blake, Ms Nicole and Ms. Roland-- three of many helpful and supportive health aides.

All in all, I want to say that your facility and staff were instrumental in my almost full recovery. Please keep up your high standards. I will most certainly recommend SNRC to anyone who asks me to name a "good" rehabilitation facility.

Sincerely, H. C.D.

Good morning Mr. Kahan:

My name is R. P. and we met briefly one day last year as you were coming in to your office, and I was on my way to visit my mother-in-law on the 4th floor.

She was A. F., and she passed away at 100 years old this year. However, when she was in your facility she received the best care that anyone could possibly receive.

Her children had researched nursing homes prior to selecting Sheepshead, and none were as clean and well run as yours. I also confirmed that as a member of the New York State Board of Visitors.