Our skilled nursing and inpatient services consist of around-the-clock, seven days a week care. Staff includes: nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. Everyone on staff receives ongoing training and education to advance their skills and upgrade their clinical knowledge.

Many of our nursing staff live in the community and come highly recommended by their colleagues and peers. Moreover, our nurses are carefully screened to ensure that they possess the skills and character that meet our high standards of excellence.


Sheepshead’s credentialed social workers consult regularly with family members and patients to create patient-driven discharge plans. As soon as a patient is admitted, they foster motivation to get better and return home. They arrange in-facility assessments by home care nurses prior to discharge and work to ensure a safe return to the home environment.  In addition, an in-home safety assessment and accessibility survey is arranged prior to discharge. By arranging for walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, canes etc. to be delivered to the home as needed, our social workers promote the highest possible level of patients’ dignity, independence and emotional well- being.

For our long term care patients and their families, Sheepshead’s social workers understand that the decision to place a loved one in a health care facility can be difficult. These compassionate and seasoned professionals help patients and their families make the transition from home to the facility as comfortable as possible for everyone.  Long term patients and their families benefit from regularly scheduled family support groups, one on one counseling and the warm and sympathetic presence of their personally assigned social worker.


Recruited from the finest training schools, our physical, occupational and speech therapists are focused on one goal: getting their patients back to their optimal level of function.  Sheepshead therapists have been with us for many years and develop strong bonds with the patients they treat.

When patients are ready to go home, they are given the tools they need to carry over the skills learned in rehab, to life in the home. These skills address ambulation, feeding, dressing and grooming, communication, bed mobility and splint/brace application. Our therapists maintain regular contact with your doctor, surgeon and/or social worker, facilitating a team approach to care.